Some people will go to any lengths to become a member of the Killer Mullet Rallye Team as shown by this years winner of the

Master of the Mineshaft 2001

Approaching the top It's a nice view from here! Is that our shaddow? The barriers are horizontal! note crowd behind

Download the video - 1.8Mb

The Mullets award a trophy to the crew who produced the most spectacular, crowd pleasing decent of the Mineshaft in the Rally of Canberra. This years winner turned out to be one of our own.

Robert Whyatt / Paul Flintoff

Paul Flintoff has featured on our web site for some time as being a 'friend of the Mullets'. Paul, who hails from south of the border or Mexico as it is affectionally known, we met on our first pilgramage into the unknown world of Formula One.

It did not take long for us to find out that Paul was, like us, only taking a diversion from the real world of motorsport - Rallying. Furthermore, Paul had also heard of the legendary exploits of the Mullets .... what could we do? .... A fan!

Which brings us to the Rally of Canberra 2001. Paul has competed in several ROC's so he knows the event well. He also knew that to become a fully fledged Mullet one has to earn the honour by doing something significant in the Rally world. What could be better than winning the Master of the Mineshaft award? Well, firstly the driver has to be a willing participant, or does he?

It probably went something like this. Make sure the video camera is in the car and working, cross out any cautions in the route notes and make the call something simple like "left 4 at the bottom". Bottom of what? No mention of crest, peak, precipice ...and hope your driver finds out too late. Well it looks like it worked!

Of course a rally car has a crew of two and Robert must be congratulated for keeping it altogether and finishing the event even if the video camera may not have (check out the video - ed.)

Congratulations on being this years worthy winners.