Definitely belonging in the 'better late than never' category was the announcement of the Killer Mullet Rallye Teams' winner of the

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For several years the Mullets have awarded a trophy to the crew who produced the most spectacular, crowd pleasing decent of the Mineshaft in the Rally of Canberra. Although the announcement had been delayed for this year due to getting the web site up and running there was still definitely a winner.

Keith Callinan / Brett Norris

Keith and Brett were up against some worthy challengers for the title. Possum Bourne / Craig Vincent were airbourne way before the crest. Visiting poms Dom Buckley / Neil Ewing were well and truly airbourne over the crest (see photos page).

Keith and Brett's descent was spectacular from top to bottom. Coming over the crest the car was in a very tail out attitude (setting up a little too early for the left-hander at the bottom??). They then hit a bank half way down with the right rear corner deflecting the car through a full 90 degrees in the other direction. The photo above shows the car after having changed direction (also note the knocked over Mullet sign in the upper left, they lost points for that but still won!). At this point it got very exciting, as Keith was fighting galantly to get the car pointed back in the right direction, the traction of four wheel drive came into play and the car started heading in the way it was pointed, straight at several Mullet spectator control marshals. Even with all the skill in the world occasionally a little luck does not go astray and for Keith and Brett (and the spectator marshals) it was their lucky day. As the car was heading off the road the front right dug into a soft bank which did two things 1) deflected the car back to the left and in the right direction and 2) launched the car about 1/2 metre into the air. Watching this car fly past only 40-50 cm away was truly awesome although a bit scary. The car was still running and now pointing in the right direction so Keith and Brett dissappeared off into the distance a little shaken but in true rally spirit still going for it.

Congratulations on being this years worthy winners.

(Keith, email us at to let us know where to send the trophy. - ed.)