The Car Results
Daewoo Mullet - Driver Bugssy Mullet - Co Driver
Peter Mullet - R & D Mrs Buggsy Mullet - Promotions
Coal Mullet- Service Crew Chief Photo's of the car


Daewoo Mullet - Driver


Daewoo started attending rallies at age 8 as part of a ‘rally family’, he first started competing in motorkhanas at age 17 and bought his first rally car at age 19. This rally car was the perfect tool to learn his trade and at age 25 he has gained a reputation as an exciting and indecently quick driver in what by all rights should be uncompetitive machinery.

Daewoo is looking forward to the big step into a modern highly competitive rally car. "until now I have had to fight twice as hard as the other competitors," Daewoo said, "But in ‘99 I know I can have full confidence in the team, and the car to be as competitive as the big boys."


Buggsy Mullet - Co Driver

Buggsy has been a member of the team since 1993 he stepped into the Co Drivers seat for the first time 5 years ago and he has never looked back.

"We work very well as a team" he explains, "I know what Darryl’s thinking and he knows what I’m thinking, so much so it’s sometimes scary."

Aside from actually navigating it is also the Co Drivers responsibility to organise accommodation, service arrangements, transport, right down to fuel requirements so as to allow the driver to concentrate solely on driving.

At 45 Buggsy has the maturity and skill required to maintain concentration at speeds of up to 200km/h


Peter Mullet - Research & Development

Peter came on board with the team in 1995. He has been running his own mechanical workshop for 20 years and he has vast experience in all forms of car preparation and especially fuel injection so he to is looking forward to extracting the greatest performance and reliability from a current spec car.

"It is my responsibility to give the team a car in which they can have full confidence."


Coal Mullet - Service Crew Chief

Coal, an engineer, is in charge of the 10 people and 3 vehicles required to effectively service for a car in modern day rallying.

"Daewoo and Peter do the foundation work, it is up to me to see the job through. It is very satisfying to be part of a team achieving things I could only dream of normally.


Mrs Buggsy Mullet - Promotions

"It is my job to work with each rallies’ media officer and the press to ensure the public receives information about the teams great achievements."



In 1995 in an almost standard Datsun 1600, that is now rallied by Coal Mullet, the team managed to win their class in the "Group 7" rally series, an interclub competition, held over 7 rounds, for clubs from Eden to Newcastle and as far west as Dubbo, they were also 2nd Novice and 3rd outright.

Taking time in 1996 to improve the car both mechanically and aesthetically, for an all out assault on the 1997 N.S.W State Championship where against all odds, and with opposition in far superior cars they managed an incredible 14th overall and 1st in class!

With 60 competitors, half of whom used the latest generation 4WD turbo forest racers, this is an amazing result and an indicator of things to come.

  wpe2.jpg (23810 bytes)

The similar car of Mark Higgins competing in the British Rally Championship


                           The Car

The team has passed on the overworked Datsun 1600 to Coal Mullet and imported from Japan a 1996 Nissan Almera GTi, a 3 door version of the current model Pulsar SSS we get in Australia, but with a more technologically advanced motor.

This car is being built to FIA Group N (production cars) specifications by some of this countries leading workshops, including 5 times Australian Champion Neal Bates Motorsport and will be very capable of outright placings as well as within its class.