The Car Results
    Roof Mullet - Driver Woody Mullet - Co Driver
    Road Director Mullet- Service Crew Chief Photo's of the car


    Roof Mullet - Driver

    Roof took interest in the Bathurst 1000 races but was never interested in competing in rallies untill assistance was required to assist Daewoo at Oberon in 1996.

    After two seasons in karting and assisting Daewoo he decided to take the plunge and compete in something with a roof over his head.

    The first rally resulted in his being given his Mullet name after 2 sections when that is what he landed on!


    Woody Mullet - Co Driver

    Woody was seconded to navigate for Roof when all the other contenders had heard about Roof's first rally and decided to try elswhere.

    Woody is a fitter/mechanic (could be handy) by trade and although married and has 2 young girls he still manages to get away for rallies.


    Road Director Mullet - Service Crew Chief

    Road Director is one of the "Old timers" in the team having run Sweep vehicle at the Southern Cross's, to rallying an RX2 in the eighties when cars were allowed to be modified a bit more than they are now.

    Road Director now spends his time passing on advice and organising the service crew to be in the right place at the right time and to keep the car on the road at all costs.

  •         Results

    After a slow start due to his first rally, Roof is now learning the sport and all the intracies that go along with it. To date in 1999 he is competeing in the Group 7 series and is currently lying in 2nd in class behind the sister car of Coal Mullet, who is currently leading the series.


      roof.jpg (27833 bytes)

    The car competing in the SSS Rally at Oberon May 1999

            The Car

    The car was purchased in late 1997 from a poor unsuspecting soul in the western NSW town of Orange. It is running the Datsun L18 block with not much else done to the motor. It currently runs in the P2 class (Under 2 litre - Rear wheel drive).

    Make :             Datsun
    Model:             1600
    Motor:             L18. Webbers,
    Gearbox:         240K
    Diff:                Skyline   3.9 to 1    
    Brakes:            Holden Commodore
    Wheels:           13 X 6
    Tyres:             Bridgstone rear
                           Faulken Front