Sponsors Wanted!!!

As with most competitors in Motorsport the members of the Killer Mullet Rally Team that are running cars in the various events are always looking for sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring one or all of the cars please contact the Mulletwebmaster and he will contact the appropriate team member who will in turn contact you.

Getting The Message Across Media Exploitation
The Benefits

There are 4 Packages available for sponsors, on one car or as many as you like




Getting The Message Across

Members of our rally team can promote your business in many ways, including:

  • Your name, logo and advertising professionally signwritten on the car, and on team uniforms.

  • Point of Sale promotions, Banners and displays at Rallies, especially the start and finish of each rally.

  • Special media days utilising the Rally Car.

  • Press releases to all sections of the Media.

  • Exposure of your name, advertising and products to millions on our Internet site.

  • Stage attention grabbing displays at public exhibitions and shows, publicity events, shopping malls etc.

  • Team Merchandising T-shirts, Hats, Stickers etc.


Media Exploitation

The exploitation of the media will be achieved by timely media releases before, during and after rallies to local papers, specialty press newspapers and motorsport magazines, as well as Radio and TV stations and by participation in special media days at rallies.

The Team will also be eager to participate in media campaigns as required by our sponsors.


The Benefits

  • A Team car or cars competing in a championship is the platform the sponsor  buys into. Win or lose, month by month, throughout the year, this platform, now in the sponsors theme generates newsworthy material and promotional  opportunities which the sponsor can exploit to help them achieve their own commercial objectives in the market place.

  • The opportunity for exposure coming out of each rally through television, radio and press media coverage.

  • Using the platform in the market place as a keystone for promotions, media advertising campaigns and merchandising programs targeted directly at the customer.

  • Using the material generated by the platform to obtain media exposure on a continuous basis, which helps the sponsor in achieving two clearly defined aims, Product Promotion and Customer Relations.


  • Sponsorship is with individual car owners

It must be noted that all sponsorship arrangements will be between the car owner(s) and the sponsor and not with the Killer Mullet Rallye Team.