NSWRRC - State Championships

Oran Park - July 11 1999

by Little Al Mullet

After signing on and wandering around the pits saying g'day to a few of the drivers and officials I hadn't seen for a while it was back to the medical centre for the briefing and assignment to posts. I was assigned to the dogleg (old flag 13, flag 11.2 in the new money).

We arrived at the point and started to setup, but where were the flags? Danny, my co-official thought I had them, and I thought he had them. "Well that's a good start" me thinks. The stewards dropped them off during their inspection, not a good impression made on them, no doubt.

Our day was reasonably uneventful, with not much passing and very few incidents requiring any signalling from our point, although we could see some other points were busy with all types of flags.

The highlight (lowlight?) of the day was during the race for Club Cars over 2 litres capacity. An A9X Torana lost it over the dogleg, spinning to the infield losing the front air dam in the process. After coming to a stop, the driver tried to return to the circuit but only succeeded in becoming bogged on the soft infield about 4 car lengths from the track. The disgruntled driver left his car and started back to the pits on foot. One last look over his shoulder revealed an expensive looking cloud of steam and coolant coming from under the bonnet. Enter the intrepid fire crew to investigate, parking the ute at the back of the car, 2 fire marshals and the driver went to the bonnet to dowse any flames, when next on the scene arrived an out of control RX7, going backwards at warp factor 5, missing everybody by what seemed to be millimetres.

Four sets of underwear to be changed there!!

The HQ's and GROUP N cars had to combine their fields and what a success that was. Many HQ drivers felt the older cars would be too slow and get in the way, how wrong they were. Apart from an FJ, a Mini and a Cortina who kept out of the way by passing the leading HQ's and clearing off to have their own race, the rest of the cars were fairly even. I wonder how many HQ drivers are looking for grey motors now?

The riddle of the day was why the commentators refered to Coca Cola corner as Sid's corner all day. Who is Sid you ask? and why did he have a corner named after him? These questions and others will be revealed in future installments when I find out myself. If you know please email me.