Quotable Quotes

Brett Middleton (Middleton Rally Team)
after checking out the site

I liked it  I have been (Like many) always amused by you guys, my mind is full of your exploits one mainly being the Bathurst rally many years ago when you all were fairies and the end control was all lit up,GREAT stuff!! the more I can do to help the better we are all, we need more fun in rally;'s with you guys, the sport is a little dull sometimes!!!

Rod Jones
Bathurst Light Car Club

"On behalf of the Bathurst Light Car Club we wish to thank your club for your involvement in our rally. It was certainly one of the biggest highlights at the presentation that night. Organisers as well as competitors were speaking very highly of your control. In our many years of association I personally believe it was your best effort yet. It was also very good to see large family participation."

Regards Rod

Paul Bray
Car 28
1999 Peter Rogers Real Estate Bathurst Rally

Well done !
Unbelievable effort and a real talking point at the finish.

Paul Bray


Where's this Mullet been?

Hi. Im not even sure who I am talking to but I have to congratulate the mullets on their extraordinary control at the end of section 8 . I can actually remember my amazement as I rounded the corner toward the control and beheld the most incredible sight that I have ever witnessed. I dont think that the extraterrestrial memory wiping was working properly cause I have been giggling ever since. By the way I was one of the original mullets so its good to see that you lads have lost none of your style. Keep it up guys .

Car 34 Goanna Mullet.


Laurie Garth (internet)

Congrats on a great site.  I've heard about the "Mullets' " for some time and it's good to see that they exist. Keep up the good work

Laurie Garth
started rallying in 1967

Todd Norberry (internet)

What can I say other than this site is absolutely brilliant you have done a great job in compiling a great web site. Great pics and good to see a few from the Southern Cross. I will keep an eye out next time I'm out spectating and may take a few steps back when I see a member of the Killer Mullets boring past. No more to say other than great work.  I have also told my mates to check you site out and they loved it.



Brian McIlvenna (internet 18-10-2001)

Christ are you still going?  I have been out of the sport since the Repco - however, I remember your team in the early days of the 1970's, I'll be buggered.

Brian McIlvenna