My Recollections

By Road Director Mullet (RD)

Once upon a time in country side not unlike that that we have now they used to run rallies that lasted for 4 days and took competitors from the NSW capital of Sydney to the border of Queensland, they used just about every back road they could find and then some.

These were the days of the famous Southern Cross Rallies. When men were men and World Champions came to take on Australia's best in their own backyard. I can still here the sound of a BDA Escort at full noise at least two kilometres away or the sounds of a Datsun Stanza a similar distance away. I also reminisce about the sounds of Andrew Cowan's Mitsubishi.

I ended up orfishalling in one of the sweep vehicles for this magnificent event, a life decision that has been impressed upon me from then to the present day.

The Mullets have a history dating back 21 years now and the past is a little dim but our Mullet researchers are hard at work digging up the fossilised remains of our past searching forests from Victoria to Queensland with the occasional detour to South Australia in fact "all over the countryside". Yes the Mullets have travelled far and wide in their search for rally excitement of which Australia has plenty. Over time the history of the rally phenomenon that the Mullets are will unfold. I am sure there will be many chapters.