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Sunny Corner 15th May 1999

By Road Director(RD)

After driving accross the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney in the drizzle and fog I was thinking that maybe it was sunny at Sunny Corner. Ah well we can all dream can't we. Arriving at about 3pm at rally headquarters it was still raining , the wind was blowing, the heater in the tent was running full bore and we all thought to ourselves how silly it was to come to these bloody rallies in the middle of winter.

We were to do another Mullet control for the event and were also serviceing for the two team cars of Coal and Roof..

After grouping at headquarters it was of into the forest to set up our control in the theme of   "*&^%$#@!#$%"  (Eds Note: you can't tell them what it was if they weren't there ). After spending a few hours battling with the wind to get our tarps to stay up for some protection we got on with the job of getting our control point all ready. The wind was still howling and the rain was still pouring sideways at us but we were back at home in the forest once again.

At about 6-30pm I had to go down to Sunny Corner Rd. for the first and second service points. After arrival and setting up our usual service facilities we sat around the lights and shivered, commenting to each other how bloody cold it was. When we saw this funny white stuff falling from the sky we knew it was cold.

In came Coal in the first of our cars, all that was needed was a cup of coffee and some fuel to weigh the back end down a bit more. Two minutes later and Roof came in for the same less the fuel. Then it was back to sitting around waiting again and shivering. Time passed and Coal came back in for the same treatment as previously, Ten minutes later we waved goodbye and told them we would see them up the road. Hang about, where's Roof, he was supposed to be two minutes behind Coal and hadn't shown up yet, he was running extremely late. We decided to go up to the end of the last stage and see what had happened to him. Upon arrival at the control we were pleased to see his car coming out of the forest. He had been helping fellow competitors that had become bogged in the mud that was becoming more and more prevalent out there. No further servicing needed so we sent him on his way and headed up to "The Mullet Control".

When we got there no-one was there. Some trees had blown over and taken some power lines with them further down the course and the stage had had to be cancelled. We found the rest of the Mullets at the next service area where our cars would now have the biggest and best service crew seen in these parts for quite a while.

In came the cars still with nothing to be done and as that was the end of our duties for the night we headed back to headquarters. No-one ever found out what the control theme was going to be so you will all have to come back next time to see the antics.