I know there's a road around here somewhereThe Mullet Story Well hurry up and find it

It is here that the story of the Mullets will slowly evolve. We have our Orfishal historian working on the mullet story, there are also reports from past rallies and events we have competed in, stories of how some of the people met us and what others think of our efforts.

Meanwhile when the Mullets are not rallying they sometimes get onto the hard stuff! working as pit lane marshals and flag marshals, while each autumn a whole school of Mullets migrate south to work as track marshals at the AGP. We also present some different aspects being a marshal at circuit racing.

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The Mullet Story   Past Events: Rallies Obsevations Past Events: Circuits
Chapter 1   Narooma Rally 27/2/99 Road Director AGP Turn 11 1999
Chapter 2       Bathurst Rally 15/5/99 Bruce Garland Oran Park 1 - 7/99
Chapter 3   Rally of Canberra 5-7/5/00   Oran Park 2 - 7/99
    Harbour City Rally 8-10/3/02   Eastern Creek - 8/99
    Rally of Canberra 3-6/5/02    


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